Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hi, I'm Aliza, and I'm an Internet addict

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via WikipediaI'm Aliza Sherman Risdahl of Moonbow Productions, Inc. and am one of the Internet consultants on the team (Taughnee Stone of Endeavor Creative is the other right now and she is breeeeelliant).

I specialize these days in all things Web 2.0 and moving into Web 3.0 (the 3-D Web, mobile, etc). My areas of interest include blogging, social networks, microblogging, podcasting, widgets, videocasting, and virtual worlds. I'm very active in Second Life and am working on a virtual worlds book which will be my 8th book.

When not working or thinking about work, I'm spending time with my wildlife biologist renaissance man of a husband and our toddler daughter. Now that the sun is out, we'll be hitting the outdoors with our camping trailer and dogs in tow.

And I'm resisting getting an Aircard because I know I'd be the one on the Internet in the camper saying "One more second, I'm almost done" for the next few hours. Note to self: Aircard = Lack of Balance In Your Life.

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